Hit the Road Jack

Cynex Electro Swing Remix of Ray Charles Classic

Cherry Vibes

Inspired by local Toronto Beach events *wink*

Trippin On Triplets

Cynex Remix of Dumonde's 'Can you dig it'

nexus_logo_32 Studio Nexus

  33 Wood st. unit 1005
Toronto, Ontario M4Y2P8



Chris Hodge
Code :
15+ Years Experience working in fast paced environments.
Languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, ThreeJS, Open GL, HLSL, Unity C#

Music :
15+ Years Experience as a producer and DJ under the aliases : dj Cynex and Chris Stryker
Software: Traktor, FLStudio

Art :
Photoshop, After Effects
3D :
Sculptris, 3ds max, Modo, Oculus Medium, Gravity Sketch