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  • Drone Scanning

    – 3D Photo Scanning & 3D Time lapses
    – Game Engine Asset Creation
    – Historical Preservation
  • DSLR Scanning

    – High-detail for smaller assets
    – Game engine hero objects
    – Product capture
  • Unity Engine

    – End to End Software Development
    – Multi-Platform (Win / Mac / Ios / Android)
    – Simulations & Demos

3D Scanning & Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the process of 3D reconstruction of photographs (typically 250-1000) which results in a highly dense point cloud which geometry is then formed from. I specialize in game engine practices of physically based rendering, uv mapping, retopology, and texture reprojection.

For large areas (> Room Scale) a drone is used to survey the area and capture the photos. For smaller scale items (< Room Scale) a DLSR is used with LED lighting to capture models at a higher resolution.

Drone Scanning Applications

– Construction & Land Photo scanning
– 3D Timelapses of an area
– Real Estate / Property scanning
– Safety & Inspection of high risk areas
– Architecture &  Project Planning
– Historical Preservation
– Forensics

Project Portfolio

Unity Projects


A 3D simulator of construction and operation of an elevator and escalator.
2019 Devreel


A 3D simulator of construction and operation of an elevator and escalator.
2018 Devreel

Kearns Immersive Training Video (2020)

Exploded Viewer

A 3D Viewer in unity for users to see inner working components of objects : Garden Pack

Photogrammetry scanning & Unity 3D Development
Uses MaterialFX shader for environmental effects.

Personal Projects

Musidora : Raymarching Tech Demo

Made with unity 2019.4.28f1 using URP.
A mix of rasterization and raymarching techniques.
Demo Video

Virtual Venues (V2)

A Multi-video streaming application for DJ’s and VJ’s to connect with their audience.
Current Alpha Test Run

WebGL Portfolio

Built with Unity / WebGL
View Project (Desktop)

WebGL Portfolio (WIP)

Built with Unity / WebGL
View Project (Desktop)

Scantastic : Vol 1

4K Photo scanned fruits and vegetables, rendered in Unity
Unity Asset Store

MaterialFX : Ubershader

Supports Standard PBR Rendering
+ Environment fx (water / growth / snow)
+ Tessellation fx
+ Subsurface scattering
+ Iridescence & Glass Rendering
GitHub Link

Launchpaddr Pro

Built with Unity / WebGL / WebMidi. A port of my JS / webMidi project : Launchpaddr.

Launchpaddr Pro | Launchpaddr (v1) | Demo Video

VJ Toolkit

A toolkit I developed for use in Unity which features :
+ Audio Analysis for use with custom components
+ Multiple Camera feeds rendered into one mixer
+ Each Camera feed has an Effect Stack
+ Camera Followers and Targetters

Using the FX Stack | Setup Tutorial