Fractal Explorer Application

Fractal Explorer Application

Added: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 05:42:07 AM
Author: StudioNexus
Client: StudioNexus

Project Description:
Experience the world through eyes of a fractal, for a true augmented reality experience for google cardboard on android mobile phones.

This application renders a Julia fractal in real time while layering / augmenting the feed from your phone's camera, creating wild and interesting illusions.

This has been built on unity and has been tested on Samsung S5 through S7, although I wouldn’t recommend anything less than the S7 if you want to see it at 60fps.

You can use this with the GearVR headset, however, you will also need the Google CB Enabler to be able to use it, which can be found here :

Epilepsy warning : This application is very vivid and distorts the viewer's perspective which may be unsettling for som. Please use caution when using this app, and please be safe in it’s use as well.

If you have any comments / sugguestions, I would love to hear your feedback, please feel free to contact me directly at I am also looking for feedback from users with different devices so I know which models are supported with it.
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