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A collection of interactive work by Chris Hodge
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Due to the nature of the projects listed below, this page is best viewed in the latest Chrome,
however any HTML5 Browser should suffice. Website
One of my hobbies is programming Launchpad i/o and this tool is to create animations for that. It is compatible with most major DAWs
Opens in a new window. If you own a Novation Laucnchpad, use this in chrome and it will connect using the WebMidi API.

Web GL / HTML5 Canvas Demos

Please view these on a desktop browser. They are compatible with some mobile browsers but only very new releases still.
WebGL Earth with Soundcloud Integration
Combining HTML5 Audio with WebGL, this is a project I'm very proud of. There are many different layers at work here. One side is reflective of light, the other is not. The Nebula itself is a series of additive layers working together.

WebGL Syrous
A Demo created for an event production company in Toronto

WebGL Kinect Sample Conversion
Using the XBox Kinect, I sampled a model of myself, and converted it into webGL format. The background uses a custom environment map

Modelled using sculptris and converted into WebGL, with smoke and lights reactive to music.
Audio Credit To : Akira - Kaneda's Theme by Shoji Yamashiro. Source

WebGL 3D Editor (WIP)
This is a work in progress of a simple 3d editor for creating WebGL Scenery, and uses raycasting to select objects

Dynamic Texture - Plasma
Rendering plasma in javascript onto HTML5 Canvas

Oculus Dream Test
Testing Oculus rendering in WebGL / Three.js
(opens new window -- must be viewed at 1920x1080)

Seasons Greetings Card
An online greeting card I made for (opens new window)

Custom Shader Scripts

Example 1 : Dynamic Texture
First GSL Test using a custom fragment shader.

Example 2 : Color Box
Using Color Vectors mapped to UV from original XYZ orientaiton

Example 3 : Color Box v2
Using Color Vectors mapped to UV from original XYZ orientaiton using time offset

Example 4 : Maldebrot
Real Time Fractal Rendering : Mandlebrot Fractal Set

Example 5 : Julia Set
Real Time Fractal Rendering : Julia Fractal Set

Example 6 : Torus Knot Vertex Shader
Modifying Vertex Positions over a Torus Knot Mesh

Example 7 : Fractal Vertex Shader
Uses a fractal calculation for vertex / fragment points along a sphere.

Non-Web GL Shaders

These are youtube videos of some work I have been doing with FLStudio, a popular Digital Audio Workstation created by Image-Line.
Video Alpha Keying
This example uses a RGB Video with no alpha channel, and keyes out a specific color filter to create an alpha channel.

Roto Zoomer
Based on the very popular demo "Second Reality" by the Future Crew in 1993. This very demo is what inspired my younger 13 year self to learn to code.
Source (Time index : 4:23)
MultiTexture Sampling
This example combines uses one image with multiple images within it. The shader will take in parameters, and render the section of the image you are requesting, and will cross fade between them. Great for texture source maps as shown in this example.

Texture Displacement Mapping
This example takes a live source feed, and distorts it with the output of another live source feed.
Gradient Remapping
This example takes a live source feed, and remaps the image to a customizeable palette with various looping and multiplicitive effects.
Lens distortion effect
This example is a test rendering for a project I have been working on. It uses a custom shader that's been rendered @60fps.